How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

(Even If You’re Broke)

By Justin Goff : Affiliate Manager & Co-Owner Of The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure

This is going to be an indepth post, but well worth the read.

Like everyone else, I started out in affiliate marketing with no money to my name.  But by using a few free strategies, I was able to make over $10,000 a month within just a few short months…

If you really want to make money online and you don’t have much to spend, here are a few of my favorite strategies for making money…

1. Article Marketing / Blogging

Article marketing isn’t as easy as it once was – but it’s still a very profitable strategy if you do it right.

Here would be my strategy for article marketing and blogging…

-> Setup a blog (either on your own domain or for free with

On your blog you’ll want to basically just write a boat load of keyword rich content.  Head over to the Google keyword tool (or Wordtracker) and look up a bunch of long tail keywords that have a relatively low amount of competition.

Now this next part might scare some people off (and that’s good).  You’re actually going to have to do some consistent, dedicated work.  I want you to write 10 keyword targeted articles EACH day.  Each article should take you about 20-30 minutes, so you can get this done in 3-4 hours.  If you only have 2 hours, then shoot for 5 articles.

Keep writing articles, and then also work on getting some back links to your blog/site so that your articles will rank better.  The keywords you want to be targeting should be based on different things like diet, nutrition, fat loss, belly fat, workouts etc…

Now at the end of each post and within the posts you’ll want to link to The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure with your affiliate link.  Try to put it in the content at least 2-3 times in each post.

You can also add some of our banners to your sidebars, which will help send sales (just remember to use your affiliate link)

Now if you want to do even more, you can take your 5 articles and also submit them to a site like EzineArticles or Squidoo.  These sites rank very well because of their authority.  You can also link to the 31 day fat loss cure from your article (and even link back to your own site to help increase your search rankings)

If you consistently write 5-10 articles per day within a few months you’ll be making some very good money promoting The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure.

2.  Yahoo Answers

I’ve been playing around a bit with Yahoo Answers after I saw a post about it on PPVPlaybook.  Yahoo Answers is a very underutilized way to get loads of free, targeted traffic.

Here’s how you can make some money with it…

1. Get a domain name that you can forward your 31 Day Fat Loss Cure affiliate link to.  So grab something like or

This domain will forward to the sales video and track your affiliate link…

2. Go to the Diet/Fitness section of Yahoo Answers and start answering a few of the questions.  Make sure you give real answers and actually help the people…

Basically on Yahoo Answers you start with 100 points, and then as you answer more questions you get more points.  I think you need to get 240 points to be able to put active hyperlinks in your answers…

This will take you about 3-4 days of answering questions, and then you’ll be able add hyperlinks.

So once you can add hyperlinks you answer the questions about diet/fitness and then you’ll link to the domain you have that forwards to the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure sales page…

So it would be something like this…

Q.  Whats the easiest way for women to lose belly fat?

A.  Hey Jen, here’s what I did that worked really well.  I cut out all sugar and artificial sweeteners from my diet.  I also cut out all dairy products for 3-4 weeks.  In just a few weeks I lost 12 lbs from my stomach.

Some of these techniques are a little controversial, but they work.  I got a lot of the info from this video here YOURWEBSITE.COM


Now if you were to do this everyday and answer as many questions as you could – then you could probably make $100 a day pretty quickly.

The key to doing this without getting your account banned is to make sure that you also answer other questions as well and make your account look “natural”

So there you have it.  Two simple ways to make good money with affiliate marketing even if you don’t have any money to spend on paid traffic!

If you have any questions about promoting The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure please let me know.  Im here to help you.

- Justin Goff

31 Day Fat Loss Cure Affiliate Center

Contact Me:  justingoff {at} or skype/aim me at JumboPickles

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