Hypnotic Ad Writing – How To Write Ads That Get HUGE Click Through Rates!

Getting a good click through rate is the basis for having a profitable campaign…

And if you’re direct linking, like in the case of The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure, it’s probably the 2nd most important part of your campaign (right behind the market you’re targeting)…

Ad writing boils down to a few key essentials…

- Market to message match (The tighter this message is, the better your CTR will be)

- Using power words to grab their attention

- Peak their curiosity

- Call to action

Examples Of Winning Ads

Let’s go over a few specific examples of ads I’ve been running that have been doing really well.

So this banner ad above I’ve been running on a few different sites and it’s regularly getting a .245+ CTR or higher.

Let’s break this baby down…

If you’re doing a banner ad like this, you ALWAYS want your image to be at the top of the ad.  I usually see people make the mistake of putting the headline at the top and then they put the image below it and the copy below that.  Big mistake.

You want the readers eye to go from the headline to the copy.

In this ad, I do a lot of curiosity peaking and I also use some power words such as “secretly fattening food”.  When people see this ad, they usually want to click on it because after reading it they want to know what the 1 fattening food is.

And this lines up perfectly with our sales video because this is 1 of the main points we go over in the sales video.   Part of the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure is eliminating all whole grains from your diet.  Common wisdom for most people says that these foods are healthy, but in reality they aren’t and they actually increase your body fat.

So this ad really plays into that and peaks their curiosity when they see the pictures of the whole wheat bread that they thought was healthy.

Another thing I focus on is the call to action.  It’s a simple line that looks like a hyperlink, but it works very well.  If you are running a banner ad, you MUST tell them what to do at the end of the ad (by the way this is true for Facebook Ads and other ads as well)

And the last part of the ad is the URL in the right corner.  I’ve seen a good increase in CTR just by adding this URL to banner ads as well as Facebook Ads.

One of the things I really want to stress is the market to message match of your ad.

And this is crucial when it comes to targetting by ages and genders such as with Facebook  (or any other site like that)

The more you can make the person seeing the ad think “Hey that’s me” the better your click through rate is going to be.

So here’s a good ad I was running targeting each individual age group on Facebook…

Now this ad got like a .129 CTR which isn’t bad, but certainly not the best.  Just by switching up the pictures and testing different pictures I was able to bump it into the .2 CTR.

But one of the biggest changes I made was targetting the ad copy more towards the gender of the person reading it.

So instead of the ad being general like it is, I made it say “This 1″health food” can actually cause weight gain in women and make you feel sluggish…

This targets the ad even more, so now the women reading it will think this is something specific to their needs.

And that’s one of the big big secrets you have to think about when you promote The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure

This is something that most people who sell fitness/weight loss stuff don’t realize….

-> Everyone that wants to lose weight thinks that their situation is different.

Here’s what they think…

-> its my genetics, not me

-> Ive tried EVERYTHING, nothing works for me

-> Many people believe there is some type of “secret” out there that’s being hidden from them – and if they could only figure it out they’d be in shape

-> People want a magic bullet for their problems

Keep these in mind the next time you are writing ads for Adwords, Facebook, Banner Ads etc…

By the way if you need any help getting your campaigns going for The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure, please email me justingoff{at}gmail.com.  I personally work with all of our affiliates, and I can help you increase the profits of your campaigns, or if you just need help getting them going, then I can help you with that as well.

Also check out our Affiliate Center here…

Til next time,

- Justin Goff

Co Owner of The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure & Affiliate Manager

Contact me : AIM/Skpye Jumbopickles, Cell Phone 419-656-5063