How To Make $1000+ Each Day With Affiliate Marketing…

Me and Super-Affiliate Shoemoney

While many affiliates make enough money to pay their rent or to splurge and buy something nice every month…

There’s a few super affiliates that are banking $1000′s of dollars each and everyday. I’ve had the pleasure to mastermind and work directly with some of these super-affiliates and I want to share with you some of their biggest secrets.

1. It’s All About The Target Audience

While your ad-copy, and your landing page are very important…

What really matters when it comes to making money as an affiliate is narrowing down the market and finding your exact target market.

I talked a little bit about this with Facebook Ads. There’s a major difference in conversions when promoting the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure if your ad is seen by older people or younger people.

You could get clicks for .05 cents a piece, yet if they were being clicked on by 17 year olds who don’t own a credit card then you’re shit out of luck.

So the easiest ways to find your target markets is to buy ads in those markets (ex… women 35-65) or to buy PPC ads for people actively searching for what we offer (ex.. lose belly fat, get rid of stomach fat)

2. Combine Paid Traffic And Free Traffic

If you want to truly make good money, then you can’t rely solely on free traffic sources. You can make $100 or $200 a day solely through free traffic sources, but if you want to step up to the $1000 a day level then you must start using paid traffic.

Paid traffic can be intimidating when you first start with it. I used to do all free traffic myself and I was always hesitant to buy traffic. But once I did, that’s when my profits really started to go through the roof.

My suggestion is to start with something simple like Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are very easy to get started on, and you can even do a very small budget such as $20 a day.

Unlike Google Adwords, Facebook is actually very user friendly and there’s really not much to it.

Now when it comes to free traffic, you can really exploit some great sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages and EzineArticles.

All 3 of these sites have great page rank, and if you were to write 3-5 health related articles everyday, you’d probably be making $100 a day within 30-90 days.

Simply just direct link the page you build to with your Clickbank ID, and you’ll start making commissions!

Now this last tip is where I see so many affiliates mess up it’s not even funny!

3. Test, Test, Test – Until it’s profitable – And then Test some more!

The best super affiliates I know aren’t genius’s or incredibly smart. In fact I’d venture to say most of them are even below average by “normal intelligence” standards.

But the one thing they all have in common with affiliate marketing, is that they test EVERYTHING. They test ads, headlines, pictures, colors, landing pages and everything else under the sun.


Because that’s how you continue to make improvements and that’s how you increase your profits!

If you start a new paid traffic campaign and you spend $100 on clicks and you make $50 in revenue – don’t cancel the campaign because you lost $50!

A few small tweaks to your ad copy, headline or picture could turn that losing campaign into a winner that makes $200 a day.

The super affiliates are the ones who realize this, and they’re the ones who keep testing until soon they’re making $100 a day, then $300 a day, then $700 a day…. and so on

Make sure you test, test, test!

And when you’re promoting The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure you don’t have to worry about a band landing page or a product that nobody wants – This is proven to work in many different markets! You just need to send the traffic to the video!

Alright, that’s all for today.

I’ll be back in a few days with some more tips on making big money with affiliate marketing!

Talk soon,

- Justin Goff Affiliate Center

P.S. – If you need any help with your affiliate campaigns for The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure feel free to email me justingoff [at} or hit me up on AIM/Skype under the name JumboPickles