Can A Caveman Diet Cure Disease?

Hey there, Vic here and I had to share this amazing video with you.  Yes, it is a bit long (nearly 18 minutes) but it is an example of the potential healing power of following the diet of our hunter gatherer ancestors.  And not just for weight loss – the physician speaking in the video went from being wheel chair bound with Multiple Sclerosis to standing and giving this eloquent presentation by changing her diet.  Please watch (more commentary from me below the video):

Whether or not you feel that a Paleo diet has healing powers, there are plenty of things to take away from this video:

Do your own research and self experimentation.  Dr. Wahls had been through medical school and still had to do her own research on the factors that contributed to her disease.  It wasn’t until after she did her homework and tested her theories that she made progress.  This is always a good idea.  Find others who have had success, research their methods, and then try them your self after evaluating any perceived risks.

Eat real food.  Dr. Wahls began adjusting her nutrient intake using supplements.  She later switched to using the whole foods with a focus on lots of fresh vegetables.

Use easy to measure portion sizes.  Yes, she mentions eating 3 cups of the various types of vegetables.  But Dr. Wahls also uses the portion size of “a dinner plate heaped high”.  Such practical measuring allows keeping portion sizes appropriate without getting bogged down with weighing or formally measuring every bite of food you eat.

I’ve said it before – every bite of food you take has a corresponding physiological response.  It’s up to you if you want food to help or hinder your weight loss goals and overall health.

What are your thoughts after watching the video?  Have you noticed improvements to your health in addition to weight loss from following a Hunter Gatherer diet?  Let me know in the comments below.

Train Hard!

~ Vic

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16 Responses to “Can A Caveman Diet Cure Disease?”

  1. Enrico says:

    It’s all very simple really … we just have to form the right habits.


  2. Karen Miller says:

    Amazing! I am convinced!


  3. Tina Canney says:


    Awesome info thank you so much for sharing. I preach this all the time to my loved ones when they say they need a script so they better go see a doctor to get a pill. I am screaming inside the whole time that if nothing else, start taking a high quality, organic fish oil supplement and their health will change dramatically. I have told them that 1000s of times but they are so programmed to taking pills for every little thing that they don’t stop to think that their body is breaking down because of the crap they feed it and if they change their diet and supplement intelligently that they won’t need the pills. I firmly believe that disease is a creation of ourselves and old age happens because our bodies give out from all of the abuse.

    I commend Dr. Wahls for taking control of her health and bringing herself back from disease. Wayne Pickering is another that I know of that has turned their health around from severe heart disease.

    Thanks for all you do Vic! You are my lighthouse….;)



  4. One slip Dr Wahls makes is describing the typical Western diet as delicious (“do we want to continue with the delicious convenient processed food etc”). Processed and fast foods are truly NOT delicious – they rely heavily on salt, fat and sugar to stimulate (quickly) our tongues. Most people eat so fast whilst doing something else (watching tv, talking) that they don’t actually “taste” their food – most of it is bland bland bland. Dr Wahls’ diet (real food) really is the delicious option, and if more people stopped to smell the coffee (garlic, oranges, tomatoes, mint, basil etc etc) more often then they’d be eating more healthily too!


  5. Bill says:

    One of the most inspiring presentations I’ve ever seen!
    Right up there with Dr. Lorraine Day, MD, former surgeon who cured herself of cancer through diet.
    Vic! You are the man!!!
    THANK YOU for your continued efforts to bring us the best.


  6. Neal Pressley says:

    Wow! A very powerful piece! Thanks Vic! Now where did I put those dehydrated seaweed crackers….?


  7. Carola says:

    Dr Wahl’s video is well worth watching. She is quite some lady!


  8. Todd says:

    As I may have mentioned before, I was hospitalized back in March of this year with severe heart failure (from a stretched out left ventricle). My Doctor recently told me my survival rate was less than most cancer patients. With the help of my doctors, a strict diet (no junk, low sodium, and moderate portion diet), an ever increasing exercise program, the love of my family and friends, and a lot of faith in the process, my heart has nearly returned to normal, I have now lost 80 pounds, and I see myself as the healthy one in the family.

    Doing the right thing for your body, mind and soul can be very hard and it would have been easy to just stay on the old path that was killing me. A healthy natural diet works! I have faith in it and am living proof!. :)



  9. Daren Elkins says:

    Vic, this is Amazing! Makes me feel proud to have changed my diet a few months back. I thank GOD that I didn’t need to do it because of a major illness but because I wanted to look and feel healthier. Everyone comments on how I have changed, a couple of friends have now also changed their diets and are taking some exercise, so the message is slowly getting out. The lady in the video should be on national/international TV banging the drum, that would irritate the companies that produce the food/poison that is killing everybody!


  10. Vic says:

    Good video, but certainly not anything most people haven’t heard before. Most people know what to eat to stay healthy and at proper weight. It’s not the lack of knowledge that keeps them from doing it. It’s there mind set. If your mind doesn’t want to change bad enough, then your not going to. Most people don’t need a video that tells them what to eat, they need a video to teach them how to apply discipline & self-control !!


  11. Machin says:

    Good to listen to this kind of thing. I’ve got a similar condition to hers -Transverse Myelitis. Like she’s said, a lot of stuff I’ve read refers to eating leafy green veg and lots of fish oils as the way to go.

    The thing that I struggle with is loosing my exercise mojo. I was probably an exercise junky and now I do diddly squat. So the caveman diet is my focus for overall health and trying to keep the love handles in order!


  12. Patricia says:

    Thank you. Very inspirational. Especially liked how Dr. Wahls broke down how much to eat and of what. This was helpful. Will require a lot of changes, but I think I can do it.

    Michelle Obama should see this! And so should every member of Congress. We are becoming more unhealthy as a nation and it is bankrupting us. And the solution is so simple.

    How’s this for a health care plan!

    Thank you


  13. Penny Stevens says:

    Hi Vic, that is really good stuff! Kudos to the good Doctor for going back to God’s food as He made it for us. My question is, how is she preparing it? Stir-fry in olive oil, steaming, raw, or some of each?

    I have been adjusting things already and seeing a difference. What a difference this should make!


    vicmagary Reply:

    Like you said, some of each. Eat those veggies! :)


  14. Love it!! Thanks for the post.


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